Kitchen Draw gives you access to Generic Catalogs and Manufacturer Catalogs.


Kitchen Draw contains the following Generic Catalogs:

  1. AMERICA KITCHEN GENERIC available for download at:, contains cabinets used in North America and the Wizard tool that allows you to customize the height of the drawers and doors in any configuration calling for door/drawer or door on top of door combination. It also has Fillers and a complete Bathroom cabinets section.
  2. NORTH AMERICAN DESIGN default with download, contains cabinetry used in North America (Inches) this is the catalogue to be used when designing European style frameless kitchens in Inches.
  3. @CONSTRAINTS contains windows, doors, etc.
  4. @HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES contains fridges, dishwashers, stoves, etc.
  5. @BATHROOM APPLIANCES contains bathtubs, sinks, showers, toilets, taps, etc.
  6. @TILES contains a wide selection of wall & floor tiles.
  7. @DECORATIONS contains different decoration sets such as: tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, flowers, lamps, etc to decorate your project.
  8. GENERIC NORTH AMERICAN CLOSETS catalog is also available. Please e-mail us your request at and we will give you instructions on how to download it.
You can switch between these catalogs while working on a project without having to close or open again your project.


Kitchen Draw has a collection of world wide Manufacturer Catalogs.

To request approval to download catalogs:
Click on the name of the catalog and fill in the request. The Manufacturer will respond to you.